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      Director Interim Management - REFERENCES       

  • interim Procurement Director                        Reduce Costs prior to Sale

"This is a multi-site internatonal company. He quickly got to grips with some difficult technical areas and has consistently achieved savings averaging 18%. To date he has saved over £2million."

  • interim General Manager- Supply Chain         Location Move

"I found Peter had a great depth of experience and knowledge of our product. In addition he was very good at presentation and business planning of all aspects of the project."

  • interim Operations Manager

"The work undertaken by him is first class, he has adapted himself to the business and the management team."

  • interim Supply Chain Manager                         Reduce Costs

"He came to us in a short timeframe and completed the brief we gave to you admirably."

  • interim Procurement Manager                          Improve efficiencies

"The quality of the work done was excellent and he adapted well to our management team. We are pleased with the results."

  • interim General Manager                         

"The calibre of the individual concerned is such that we have been able to use him to give us a different perspective on a number of areas within the business which fall outside the original scope of the assignment."

  • interim Communications & PR                      During aquisition

"The speed in providing the candidate from the initial briefing was good. His calibre is excellent and the qualty of work undertaken by him is first class."

  • interim Sales and Marketing Director              improve sales

"The verbal brief given by myself was quickly and accurately understood, the responsiveness and tenacity exhibited by yourself was impressive and the matching of the interim manager to the requirement has proved to be a tight fit. All in all so far we are very pleased with the performance."

  • £40m Facilities MasterPlan                          Head office new build

"I would like to put on record that the services given met the needs of the (company) for this one off project. Charles was extremely able and completed the Project Management assignment professionally."

  • interim General Manager

"Stuart seemed to understand our needs well and responded to them very qickly. It was less than a week from the time that the need was identified to the timethat the Manager was in place and operational.

This was the first time that we had utilised an Interim Manager. Our conclusion is that he has been of immense value to the business."